The following brochure is intended primarily for use by D30 members who incorporate hypnosis into their clinical practice. We recognize that despite a great deal of empirical research demonstrating the effectiveness and efficacy of hypnosis, many clients may be unfamiliar with the technique. Furthermore, they may hold numerous misconceptions about hypnosis, based on things they might have seen on television, in the movies, or in stage shows.

Therefore, this brochure was created to educate clients about the “basics” of hypnosis, and to clear up any misconceptions they might have about the technique

We suggest that when you discuss the use of hypnosis with clients as you present them with a copy of the brochure to read. We hope that the brochure will serve as a useful springboard for discussion between you and your clients.

The brochure is meant to be one page, with two folds to separate the columns. You may need to print one side your page first, then reinsert that page into your printer to print the back side.

Download Brochure (PDF)