Executive Committee Roster & Appointments

The Executive Committee of Division 30 consists of the President, President-elect, Past-President, Secretary, Treasurer, three Members-at-Large, and the Representative(s) to Council. Only these elected members may vote in any official decision making of the Division. The by-laws mandate a number of standing committees and allow for the existence of any number of other committees at the discretion of the President and the Executive Committee. Please feel free to click on each officer’s name for a brief biography of that individual. If you are interested in running for office, please click here to view the job description of each officer.

Executive Committee Officers

Arreed Barabasz, Ph.D (13-14)
Email: arreedbarabasz@pullman.com

Gary Elkins, Ph.D (13-14)
Email: GARY_ELKINS@baylor.edu

Past President (also serves as the Chair of the D30 Nominations Committee)
Joseph P. Green, Ph.D (12-13)
Email: green.301@osu.edu

Past Past-President (2 years removed; serves as the Chair of the D30 Awards Committee) *
Marty Sapp, Ed.D. (11-12)
Email: sapp@uwm.edu

Ciara C. Christensen, Ph.D. (13-16)
Email: ciara_christensen@yahoo.com

Don Moss, Ph.D. (12-15)
Email: dmoss@saybrook.edu

Guy Montgomery, Ph.D. (12-15)
Email: guy.montgomery@MSSM.EDU

Jim Council, Ph.D. (13-16)
Email: james.council@ndsu.edu

Len Milling (1-year interim appointment by the President)
Email: milling@hartford.edu

APA Council Representative
Eric Willmarth, Ph.D. (12-15)
Email: EWillmarth@aol.com

Non-Voting Persons

Student Representatives to the Executive Committee/Program
John Mohl
Email: John.Mohl@waldenu.edu

Shelagh Freedman
Email: shelaghfreedman@gmail.com

Membership/Program Co-Chair
Steffanie Schilder, Ph.D.
Email: stefscholze@gmail.com

Presidential Appointments

Fellows Chair
Gary Elkins, Ph.D., ABPP
Email: GARY_ELKINS@baylor.edu

*The Awards chair is not an official member of the Executive Committee