Fellows Committee

The chairperson of the Fellows Committee accepts nominations for Fellowships in the Division, and sends to the nominees the following: (1) a uniform fellow blank; (2) a request for supporting material (e.g., vita, referenced publications, etc.); (3) three endorsement blanks (written within the last twelve months); (4) a request for any other supporting documentation; (5) a request for a nominee self-statement defending the nomination. Additionally, reminders are sent out when there are missing components of a package. Fellows’ nominations should be received by the chair by December 16.

The Fellows Committee develops a consensus on nominations. The nomination(s) and all supporting data are to be sent to the APA Member Services Committee. By a 2002 E.C. vote, it was decided that: (1) the committee consist of a minimum of three members; (2) that they all are to be Fellows of Division 30 as well as Fellows of APA. This is to be regarded as an established practice.

For a list of current fellows, please visit the Executive Committee Roster & Appointments page.