Member Services Committee

The Member Services Committee Chair receives inquiries from APA members and student affiliates regarding membership in Division 30, and responds by sending an application for membership. Some inquiries are made directly to APA, and are forwarded to the Member Services Committee Chair for response. Upon receiving the completed application form, the Chair forwards the names and APA numbers of APA members who are joining the Division to the APA Office of Division Services. Membership fees are forwarded to the Division Treasurer. Since APA does not keep records of student affiliates, names of new student affiliates of the Division are forwarded to the Editor of the Division 30 Newsletter ( Psychological Hypnosis ).

The Member Services Committee Chair also responds to inquiries from the APA Central Office regarding activities of the Division, and to a range of member and student affiliate inquiries regarding the field of hypnosis. Every year the Member Services Committee Chair will survey designees from the Division and provide a report at the Outgoing Executive Committee meeting. The Member Services Chair is also responsible for issuing membership certificates to new members. The Member Services Committee Chair serves a 3-year term.

The present Chairperson of the Membership Services Committee is:

Steffanie Schilder, PhD